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Reputation Management Plans for libel, slander & defamation

Profit By Search has a very clear vision and has drafted very powerful strategies to tackle situations of defamation, libel and slander. You can come to us at any point of time and find the best solutions from our experts. We have means to take down the situation both legally and through our methods of Social media Optimization. Many times complaints over the internet can be true but mostly they are fake! People do this with other intentions like they may be your rivals in business or there may be customers who did not find your services good enough, you might have previously done business with so many people but just because one single person does not find your service good enough, it does not give him the freedom to put your reputation and means of daily bread on the line! Although, people do not consider such things much seriously but this must not be taken for granted. These negative results can do a much of damage to your reputation over the internet and you may lose some part of your business and may even find a dip in inquiries.

At Profit By Search, we have fool proof methods that can save you from losing your business and most importantly your reputation to someone who is just jealous of your good work. Various countries have different ways to punish a defamer or a person, who has given a false statement, or libel or slandered against another citizen of the country. This is a punishable offence if the person delivering such statements is proved wrong. In the US, previously it was not a big issue but gradually as people started to take advantage of the situation, the laws were regulated and defamers were awarded with severe punishments if the defamed is able to prove him wrong. There are certain steps to prevent threat to the reputation of a citizen and the person who did a slander can be dragged to the court.

What are defamation, libel and slander?

  • Defamation: An unprivileged false statement of fact which tends to harm the reputation of an individual or a company. This is a catch-all term for all the three terms.
  • Libel: Defamation which is written like on a website. Most on-line defamation occurs through libel by posting a web page, comment, bulletin board post, review, rating or blog post.
  • Slander: Defamation that is spoken such as through a transcribed video, podcast or audio file.

Are you or your business is a victim of online libel, slander & defamation attacks, where someone repeatedly post’s artificially created, false, and defamatory remarks about you or your company as part of a “smear campaign”. The main objectives of these campaigns are primarily to harass you and to disrupt your business.

If a company has online libel & slander then this will definitely hurt sales and online reputation of that company. Do not ignore these complains as they won’t go away on their own. Companies have tried filing rebuttal’s but this has caused their complaints to rank even higher on search engines as filing rebuttals increases the keyword density as more fresh content is added to the page.

So what’s the First Step?

Information Gathering:

The first step that we normally recommend is to have the victim of internet defamation provide us with the defamatory posts and their explanations why they believe the posting is defamatory. So, the first thing that we do is to identify all of the postings that have become an issue and then, with the assistance of the victim of the internet defamation posts, identify whether the fact is, defamatory. If the post is defamatory by nature, it is not necessary that the post is true, but it casts the victim in a negative light.

Once we have all the information, one of the following 3 Strategies is utilized:

Strategy 1:

Legal Strategy which is aimed towards removing these postings of online libel, slander

  • Understand the law. Generally, to prove slander, you must be able to show that someone made a false and unprivileged statement about you, this statement was conveyed to a third party and this statement resulted in damage to you. Public figures must also prove that the slanderous statement was made with actual malice.
  • Write the Cease and Desist letter yourself or to contact a lawyer. This decision depends on the severity of the false statements and on the type of actions you are demanding. If you are losing business or your job because of the lies securing a lawyer may be the best alternative. If the false statements are not causing harm yet; but have the potential to become more harmful you may want to prepare this letter yourself.
  • Consult with an attorney. Slander lawsuits are notoriously difficult to prove because the statements must amount to more than mere gossip and innuendo, and the damage to your reputation may be difficult to prove. You should consult with an experienced slander attorney to help you assess your claim and to potentially represent you in a slander lawsuit
  • File a complaint in court. In your complaint, you must name the defendant who made the slanderous remark and explain the facts supporting your claim. Be sure to list all damages you have suffered as a result of the slander. Follow the rules of your jurisdiction for properly filing the complaint and serving it on the defendant.
  • Go to court. The court will tell you when to appear in court for your slander trial. Be sure to bring all evidence and any witnesses that can support your claim. The court will listen to your case and issue a ruling.

Strategy 2:

Online Reputation Management Strategy which is aimed towards not removing these postings of online libel, slander but to push them from page 1 of Google to page 2 & beyond

The solution is not to fight these online libel, slander & defamation Complaints, just find a way past it by pushing these complaints on page 2 or 3 of Google results by Effective Reputation Management Plans. This is one method that has the highest success rate and there are Reputation Management Plans offered by us that will help Victims of online libel, slander & defamation push these Complaints on page 2 or 3 of search engines for sure! In these plans we use the following methods to achieve desired Results:

  • Review Postings
  • PR Posting’s via the best PR networks
  • Profile Creation on Social Media & Other Networks
  • Video Submission
  • Q & A Postings
  • Blog/Website creation with Keywords in URL

Strategy 3

This is Combination of Strategy 1 & Strategy 2, which as per us is the Most Effective Strategy.

Choose the Best Package for Your Business:


$500per month
$500per month
  • PR Creation & Submission on Credible PR Networks* - 2
  • Social Media Profile Creation and management + promotion* - 2
  • Image & Video Submission* - 4
  • Social Blogs Creation & Updation* - 1
  • Review / Q & A Postings* - 5


$750per month
$750per month
  • PR Creation & Submission on Credible PR Networks* - 4
  • Social Media Profile Creation and management + promotion * - 4
  • Image & Video Submission* - 8
  • Social Blogs Creation & Updation* - 2
  • Review / Q & A Postings* - 10


$1000per month
$1000per month
  • PR Creation & Submission on Credible PR Networks* - 8
  • Social Media Profile Creation and management + promotion* - 8
  • Image & Video Submission* - 16
  • Social Blogs Creation & Updation* - 4
  • Review / Q & A Postings* - 20

* Minimum Subscription Period on all the above Reputation Management Plans is 3 Months

* Details of Resources where the submissions and postings are made will be provided to you once you have signed up.

Add On’s

Cost associated with Content Creation of News Story, Blog Story, Reviews, Q &A will be charged as extra and so will be the cost of video creation.

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