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Use the Cutting-Edge Technique of the Digital World by Hiring Pay Per Click Services from Profit By Search

You can now use the cutting-edge technique of the digital world by hiring Pay Per Click services from Profit By Search. It is a 360 degree online agency for marketing. Being India’s first Microsoft Adcentre and AdWords Certified Partner, we believe in delivering online advertising of real value to customer. We serve by advertising messaging services so that our clients reach their targeted audience in an effective manner. This further leads to increase in sales and traffic of the website.

Search Advertising

For expanding the reach of the clients consistently, the team in PBS cuts off those keywords which are non-performing and add variation in query. This way there will be growth in profit. Amongst the three elements in BAK, i.e., bids, ads, and keywords, bids are optimized based upon dimensional factors such as time, geography, search intent, and time.

Display Advertising

We first analyse our prime audience through various topics, interest categories and placements which act as key for display strategy. Be it ecommerce, branding or lead generation, display network can be profitable and offer greatest reach in any of the channel for digital marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Besides keeping an eye on your landing page, we also follow the traffic journey of our client that is tracking, testing and optimizing which is strategy for increasing volume and conversions.


We make sure to optimize at every stage of the sale journey starting from searching to ad till conversion.


We also work on remarketing wherein targeted campaign is created to recapture non-converting clicks and change the mind of the previous customers.

International Advertising

For maximizing the returns of our clients, we take their accounts beyond the boundaries of the region and expand their reach of target audience.

Device Targeting

The experts in our team also create ‘Click to Call’ ads and mobile ads that target the device users, i.e. the user of Smartphone, iPhone, and iPad.

Hyper Local Advertising

With the help of mobile devices, the users can be notified about your business, phone number, location of your office on Google map and address as they reach near location of your business.

Adwords Express

With the influence of Adwords Express, our clients’ local business can be advertised on the platform of Google such as mobile devices, search, and Google Maps, etc. For reaching the local customers, the targeted ad campaigns are set. Profit By Search has experts for Pay-Per-Click, who make use of powerful ROI tracking systems and bid the gap management. The services of Pay-Per-Click consist of sophisticated researched content; key phrase integrated and developed ROI tracking that helps in analysis of cost-to-revenue.

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